How much do you know about Iowa? Want to learn more? Check out the "U.S.A. Geography" section in our reference library. Think you know enough? Try a few questions.


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The State Capital of Iowa is ...
Cedar Rapids
Des Moines
Sioux City
The population of Iowa is ...
Bordering states include?
Wyoming, Idaho, and Colorado
Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado
North Dakota, Minnesota, and Wyoming
Wisconsin, Illinois, and Nebraska
The state name originated from?
The French word for "grassy field"
The name of a French King
The Iowa Native Americans
An island off the coast of Spain
This state entered the union as the __ state?
A geographic landmark of Iowa is?
The Effigy Mounds
Mount Rushmore
Yosemite National Park
The Statue of Liberty
A significant historic event was?
Iowa was a part of France until 1927.
Iowa was acquired through the Louisiana Purchase.
Henry Ford built the first car in Iowa.
Edison establishes a workshop in Iowa in 1932.
The state nickname is?
The Bird's Eye State
The Mohawk State
The Hawkeye State
The Bull's Eye State
The state entered the union on which date?
August 23, 1819
December 28, 1846
February 14, 1818
May 3, 1893
Which of the following statements is true?
Mark Twain was born in Des Moines, Iowa
Woodrow Wilson is first President from Iowa
"Buffalo Bill" was born near Le Claire, Iowa
The Iowa state bird is the Golden Hawk


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