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A spider's web is very easy to recognize. Spiders weave many types of webs, such as orbs and funnels. Their distinctive web has many other purposes. In addition to be home, the web helps the spider catch food and protect it from some predators. Read on to find out ...

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There are over 32,000 types of spiders living on Earth. They live in almost every area from the hottest tropics to the cold continent of Antarctica. Spiders are easily identified by their 8 legs and their ability to spin a web.

Spiders eat insects that they catch in their web. They have fangs to bite the insect. Many spiders also have poisonous glands to help kill the insects, and some are even poisonous to humans.

Spiders have the ability to produce silk from an organ in their abdomen called the spinneret. The spider's web has many purposes in addition to being a place to live.

Spider Web
Spider Web

Spiders use their web to trap insects for food. Once an insect is caught, they may also use their web to tie up their victim.

Spiders also lay a line of silk as they move around. They anchor the line to a surface, and use the line just like a mountain climber uses their safety rope.


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