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Many animals dig burrows in the ground for a home and shelter. A burrow in the ground can provide shelter from the sun on hot days. It can also provide shelter from the wind and cold. A burrow can even provide protection from larger predators. Read on to see which animals like to live in the ground.

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Gopher, Squirrel, Mole, Rabbit and Skunk

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Small rodents like the gopher, ground squirrel, mole, and rabbit dig burrows in the ground, or under logs and rocks, to provide shelter.

Many of these animals, like the gopher, create very extensive underground burrow systems. They connect together many entrance and exit holes with tunnels, allowing them to travel underground.


Worms and Ants

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Other animals including the earthworm and ants also live in the ground.

The earthworm's long, slender body helps it move through moist soil. The earthworm eats and digests the soil as it moves through it.


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