Using Strategies

A strategy is simply a plan to achieve your goal. Using a strategy is deciding the best way to solve a problem before you start working on it.

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Draw pictures to represent problems

Lucie made 2 cakes, Maria made 3 cakes. How many cakes did they make in all?

Use drawings that don't have so much detail to save time.
Using Strategies

Strategy for answering multiple choice questions

  • Read all of the choices
  • When you are unsure, cross out the incorrect ones and make your best guess
  • With picture answers, see one picture at a time and cover all other answers
  • Compare the answer choices, some answers may look very similar
  • If working with a word problem, ignore the unnecessary information


Martin is a tailor. He has 4 red buttons, 6 white buttons, and 5 sewing machines. How many buttons does he have?

We don't need to know that Martin is a tailor, or that he has 5 sewing machines. We can ignore this information.

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