The War of 1812

Although the United States had become an independent country, it still had not established itself with the other world powers.

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Why it Started?

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Both Britain and France were interfering with American trade and were taking American ships.

The United States believed that Britain still not treating it as an independent country, and was actually providing Native Americans with guns to attack American settlers.

The United States also wanted to take Canada from Britain, and Florida from Spain.

These ongoing disputes led to the War of 1812.

The Battle of Lake Erie (Source: Library of Congress)


The War

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The United States attempted to invade Canada, but failed. The British captured and burned Washington, D.C.. The British also attempted to invade the United States from Canada, but failed. This picture shows Captain Oliver Perry's victory at the Battle of Lake Erie (Source: Library of Congress).

Commander Andrew Jackson defeated the British when they tried to invade New Orleans.


The End

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A peace treaty was finally signed in December of 1814. The British agreed to recognize the United States country boundaries. In addition, the United States had established itself as a powerful military force.


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