San Jose de Guadalope Mission

The San Jose de Guadalope Mission was the 14th mission, founded on June 11, 1797.

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The San Jose de Guadalope Mission is located between Warm Springs and Fremont in Mission San Jose, California.


The Mission

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The San Jose Mission was founded on June 11, 1797 by Father Lasuen. The mission was slow to be accepted by the natives. Eventually it became one of the most successful missions. With 8000 converts, it led the missions in many agricultural crops. It also had a large herd of cattle.

After secularization the mission declined, but still was used as a parish church. An earthquake in 1868 destroyed most of the mission. A wooden church was built to replace the damaged church. Very little of the original mission is left today -- only the wooden church and small part of one wing of the quadrangle.


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