San Antonio do Padua Mission

The San Antonio do Padua Mission was the 3rd mission to be founded.

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The San Antonio mission is located 5 miles northwest of Jolon.


The Mission

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Father Serra dedicated the San Antonio Mission on July 14, 1771. An adobe chapel was built in 1782. The site was one of the richest and known for growing wheat, and the best flour made in the country. A water-powered mill was built in 1806. Water was brought in a stone-walled ditch for many miles to drive a large water-wheel which operated the mill. In addition to agriculture, the mission grew a large herd of livestock.

After secularization the native indians were driven off by ranchers who wanted the land for their cattle. Very little of the original mission survived. In 1948, the mission was restored.

This drawing shows the San Antonio mission during its operation (Source: Library of Congress).


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