The French Alliance

Despite their success at the Battle of Saratoga, General Washington was still having difficulty getting the states to provide the necessary men and supplies for his army. He needed help.

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Treaty with France

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After the Battle of Saratoga, Congress decided to seek French support in the war. They sent Benjamin Franklin, who could speak French, to meet with King Louis XVI and the French foreign minister.

France wanted to get revenge on Britain for the defeat in the French and Indian War. They also wanted to ensure that Britain and America don't resolve their differences. In February 1778, France and America signed a treaty which put France at war with Britain. This treaty was the first document to officially recognize America as an independent state.

Spain, an ally of France, joined the alliance a year later.

Britain was now forced to defend its own territory of England against possible French and Spanish attacks.

Signing of the treaty with France (Source: Library of Congress)


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