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Key Facts

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Population (1994): 1,240,000 (39th in size)

State size: 33,265 square miles (39th in size)

State Capital: Augusta (named after Augusta Dearborn, the daughter of Henry Dearborn a Revolutionary War general)

Major cities: Augusta, Bangor, Lewiston and Portland

Admission to union: The 23rd State

Date entered the union: March 15, 1820

Origin of state name: Named by French explorers after the region of Maine in France

Nicknames: The Pine Tree State

Bordering states: New Hampshire with Canada on the north and the Atlantic Ocean on the east.

State bird: Chickadee

State flower: Eastern White Pine Cone and Tassel

State tree: Eastern White Pine

Motto: I Direct


Geographic Landmarks

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Points of Interest

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Major Industries

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  Historically, Maine played a major role in ship building. Industries include fishing, forestry, dairy farming and fruit farming. Tourism also plays a considerable role in the economy.


Historical Highlights

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  John Cabot explored the area in 1497, only 5 years after Columbus. The area was claimed by both the English and the French until 1763, when the British gained control. Initially part of Massachusetts until after the War of 1812.


Population and Culture

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Interesting Tidbits

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Maine State Flag


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