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Key Facts

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Population (1994): 3,827,000 (24th in size)

State size: 40,409 square miles (37th in size)

State Capital: Frankfort (named after the pioneer Stephen Frank who was killed by indians at a crossing in the Kentucky River)

Major cities: Frankfort, Lexington, Louisville and Owensboro

Admission to union: The 15th State

Date entered the union: June 1, 1792

Origin of state name: Named from an indian word "Kenta" meaning "prairie".

Nicknames: The Bluegrass State

Bordering states: West Virginia, Virginia, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Tennessee

State bird: Cardinal

State flower: Goldenrod

State tree: Kentucky Coffee Tree

Motto: United We Stand, Divided We Fall


Geographic Landmarks

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  Mammoth Cave National Park includes 150 miles of tunnels and caverns.


Points of Interest

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  Fort Knox is located in Kentucky.


Major Industries

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  Farming includes tabacco, corn, hay and soybeans. Kentucky is well known for breeding racing horses. Natural resources include coal and oil. Manufacturing includes: baseball caps, shoe laces and whiskey.


Historical Highlights

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  Daniel Boone's wilderness road helped bring many settlers to the area.


Population and Culture

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Interesting Tidbits

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