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Santa Ines was the 19th mission, and was founded on September 7, 1804.

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The Santa Ines Mission is located in the town of Solvang, 7 miles east of Buellton.


The Mission

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Santa Ines Mission

Santo Ines Mission
(Source: Library of Congress)
The Santa Ines Mission was founded in 1804 to reach the natives living inland of the coast. It also served as a stop over on the trail between Santa Barbara and La Purisima. Its most dominant feature was the long barracks which slept 450 people. Santa Ines also had an elaborate watering system with a water-powered mill to grind wheat and corn.

This drawing shows the Santa Ines mission during its operation. The drawing highlights the mission's extensive barracks.

The mission was severely damaged in the earthquake of 1812. It was also burned down during an Indian revolt in 1824. Despite these setbacks, the mission continued to operate until secularization.

In 1844 the mission was turned into a seminary for training priests. The buildings continued to deteriorate until 1903 when the mission was restored.


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