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The San Rafael Arcangel Mission was the 20th mission, and was founded on December 14, 1817.

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The San Rafael Arcangel Mission is located at 5th Avenue and Court Street in San Rafael, California.


The Mission

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The San Rafael Arcangel Mission started its life as a branch mission in 1817. It was founded because of the considerable illness and death at the Mission Dolores. The padres believed that the dry sunny area of San Rafael would help the health of the sick from Mission Dolores. The mission was named after Saint Raphael who was known for his powers of healing.

Sick indians were taken to the hospital at San Rafael to get well. The branch mission initially consisted of primarily the church and the hospital. It was finally declared a full mission in 1823.

After secularization, the property was sold in 1842. It was later abandoned. It was eventually demolished in the 1870's. A replacement was built on the site in 1927, which is now used as a parish church and school.


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