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The San Juan Capistrano Mission was the 7th mission, and was founded on November 1, 1776.

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The San Juan Capistrano Mission is located on Highway 101 North of San Diego.


The Mission

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San Juan Capistrano Mission
San Juan Capistrano Mission Ruins
(Source: Library of Congress)

The San Juan Capistrano was the 7th mission. It was initially dedicated by Father Lasuen in 1775. Shortly after dedication it was abandoned because of the Indian revolt in San Diego. Father Serra re-dedicated the mission in 1776.

The mission was very successful and by 1796 had outgrown the small chapel built in 1776. Construction started on a new church. The large stone church with 7 domes took over ten years to build. It was built in the shape of a Roman Cross. Only six years after completion, the church was destroyed by an earthquake. Only broken pillars and arches were left standing. The picture is of an old mission Indian, and ruins of the San Juan Capistrano Mission.

In 1833, after secularization, the mission economy quickly fell apart. The mission went into private hands. In 1920, restoration started. Today the mission is a very popular tourist attraction.


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