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The San Francisco de Solano Mission was the last mission, and was founded on July 4, 1823.

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The San Francisco de Solano Mission is located in Sonoma, California, 20 miles north of San Francisco on Highway 12.


The Mission

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In 1812, Russian fur traders had established a settlement on the coast north of San Francisco. The Spanish were very concerned that the Russians would move south and claim more territory. The mission in Sonoma was founded in 1823 to establish Spanish ownership of the land. The Spanish wanted to create a large settlement in the area.

To build the mission quickly, the padre was very demanding and treated the natives very poorly. The natives revolted, attacking the mission and forcing the padre to escape.

A new mission was built in 1828, but the mission didn't recover before secularization. After secularization, the mission served as many things including a barn and warehouse. In 1944, the mission was restored as a State Historical Monument.


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