The Rush for Gold!

The California Gold Rush was the largest migration of people to California, and started California on the road to what it is today.

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Rush for Gold

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By 1849 the gold rush was on. People from all over the United States and the World were rushing to California. People caught "Gold Fever" in the hope of striking it rich. Many gold seekers arrived expecting to find rivers overflowing with gold. Unfortunately, most found riverbanks crowded with miners.

Most prospectors were previously storekeepers, cooks, carpenters, teachers, farmers or some other trade before heading to California in search of gold. By 1850, the mining country had become quite populated. Many of the immigrants ended up started businesses, trading posts, importing goods to seel to miners, farming and ranching. They took advantage of the skills they brought with them.

In the mid-1850s gold was becoming very difficult to find. More people were making fortunes from selling supplies to miners, than the miners themselves.

When silver was discovered in Nevada in 1859, the miners headed for Nevada. This ended the California Gold Rush.


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