Battles of the American Revolution

There were many battles of the revolution. What started as a fight for their rights, ended as a fight for independence.

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Major Battles, Events and Military Activities

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Britain had 3 times more people than America, and considerably more wealth. The British also had a strong military with a powerful navy. At the start of the revolution, the American soldiers were poorly trained and had little military experience. Not all Americans were in favor of the rebellion. To the American's advantage, they were fighting on their own land and were experienced wilderness fighters from their battles with the native indians. And equally important, George Washington turned out to be a brilliant leader.

There were many battles throughout the northern and the southern colonies. In defended themselves, the colonies knew they must act as a nation to survive. The war brought the colonies together with a single purpose, to defend their land and their freedoms.

Wilderness battle (Source: Library of Congress)

Major battles and events of the American Revolution include:

Leading the charge (Source: Library of Congress)

Death on the battlefield (Source: Library of Congress)


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