Battle of Bunker Hill

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The Battle of Bunker Hill was fought on June 17, 1775, only days after George Washington was elected Commander in Chief of the Continental Army. Despite the name, the battle was actually fought on Breed's Hill.

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Battle of Bunker Hill

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Battle of Bunker Hill
Battle of Bunker Hill (Source: Library of Congress)
After the Battle of Lexington and Concord, the patriot militia controlled the hills surrounding Boston. The patriots heard through their spies that the British were planning to attack Bunker Hill. The patriots sent 1600 men to set up fortifications on Breed's Hill, which was closer to Boston.

On June 17, 1775 General Howe led 2600 British soldiers up Breed's Hill. British warships also fired on the patriots position.

The Americans held off two British charges, but were finally forced to retreat on the third charge. The British suffered heavy losses with 226 men killed and 828 more wounded. The British gained control of Breed's Hill.


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