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So you want to know about Connecticut? Here are some highlights! Also check out the links to other sites about Connecticut.

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Key Facts

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Connecticut State Facts

Population (1994): 3,275,000 (27th in size)

State size: 5,018 square miles (48th in size)

State Capital: Hartford (named after the city of Hartford in England)

Major cities: Hartford, Bridgeport and New Haven

Admission to union: The 5th State

Date entered the union: January 9, 1788

Origin of state name: Named from the Indian word "quinnitukq-ut" meaning "at the long tidal river" the name given to the Connecticut River.

Nicknames: The Constitution State

Bordering states: New York State, Massachusetts and Rhode Island, with Long Island Sound on the south.

State bird: American Robin

State flower: Mountain Laurel

State tree: White Oak

Motto: Who Transplanted Sustains


Geographic Landmarks

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Connecticut is located along the Long Island Sound. The coast has many scenic locations.


  Connecticut Houses


Points of Interest

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The coast has many scenic locations like the restored whaling village and "living museum," Mystic Seaport.

At Dinosaur State Park, in Rocky Hill, you can see dinosaur tracks.

Connecticut Points of Interest


Major Industries

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Major industries include insurance companies, along with helicopter and submarine manufacturing, and dairy and tobacco farming.  


Historical Highlights

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First explored by the Dutch in 1614, and colonized by the British in 1630, Connecticut was one of the original 13 states.

Eli Whitney patented the cotton gin in 1794.



Population and Culture

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Interesting Tidbits

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Links to other sites about Connecticut

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Connecticut State Flag


Connecticut State Government home page

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