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The State Capital of Colorado is ...
Colorado Springs
The population of Colorado is ...
Bordering states are?
Kansas, Wyoming, Oklahoma and New Mexico
Nebraska, Kansas, Wyoming, Oklahoma and New Mexico
Nebraska, Kansas, Utah, Wyoming, Oklahoma and new Mexico
Nebraska, Wyoming, Oklahoma and New Mexico
The state name originated from?
Named after the Colorado Mountain
Named for the Native American word for the Colorado River
Named for the Spanish word Colorado, meaning "red", what they called the Colorado River
Named after William Colorado who first settled the Denver area
This state entered the union as the __ state?
A geographic landmark of Colorado is?
Mount McKinley, the tallest mountain in the U.S.
Colorado River, the longest river in the U.S.
Pikes Peak, the tallest mountain in the U.S.
Rocky Mountain National Park
A significant historic event was?
Colorado enter the union in the U.S. bicentennial year
Colorado was initially part of the Kansas Territory
William Colorado purchased the land from Spain for $16 million in 1873
Gold discovery in Colorado led to California Gold Rush
The state nickname is?
The Centennial State
The Mile High State
The Rocky Mountain State
The Bi-Centennial State
The state entered the union on which date?
July 4, 1876
July 4, 1776
October 21, 1879
August 1, 1876
Which of the following statements is true?
State bird is the Rocky Mountain Columbine
State animal is the Mountain Lion
Colorado entered the U.S. union on is centennial year
Bought from Spain as part of Liousiana Purchase


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