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The State Capital of Arkansas is ...
Little Rock
The population of Arkansas is ...
2.5 million
6.4 million
1.4 million
4.2 million
Bordering states are?
Oklahoma, Missouri, Mississippi, Louisiana
Oklahoma, Missouri, Tennessee, Louisiana
Missouri, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, Oklahoma
Missouri, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma
The state name originated from?
Named after the Arkansas River
Indian name for the Quapaw tribe
Indian word for Ozark Mountains
Indian word for the Mississippi River
This state entered the union as the __ state?
A geographic landmark of Arkansas is?
Highest mountain in eastern United States
Over 9,000 acres of lakes
Hot Springs Mountain
Only diamond mine in the United States
A significant historic event was?
Became U.S. territory as part of Missouri Purchase
Stite of last civil war battle
End of racial segregation in public schools
First discovered by French explorers
The state nickname is?
The Ozark State
The People State
The Hot Springs State
The Land of Opportunity
The state entered the union on which date?
June 15, 1836
December 29, 1831
August 12, 1842
April 15, 1824
Which of the following statements is true?
Little Rock was named after the Quapaw indian chief
The state tree is the Dogwood
Location of the only Bauxite mine in the U.S.
The state bird is the Wild Turkey


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