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So you want to know about Missouri? Here are some highlights! Also check out the links to other sites about Missouri.

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Key Facts

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Missouri State Facts

Population (1994): 5,278,000 (15th in size)

State size: 69,697 square miles (19th in size)

State Capital: Jefferson City (named after Thomas Jefferson)

Major cities: Jefferson City, Kansas City, Springfield, St. Louis

Admission to union: The 24th State

Date entered the union: August 10, 1821

Origin of state name: Named after the Indian tribe who lived by the Missouri River whose name means "owners of big canoes".

Nicknames: The Show-Me State

Bordering states: Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa and Arkansas

State bird: Bluebird

State flower: Hawthorn

State tree: Flowering Dogwood

Motto: The Welfare of the People Shall be the Supreme Law


Geographic Landmarks

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  Gateway Arch in St. Louis, was built to celebrate the settling of western land in U.S.  


Points of Interest

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Major Industries

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Farming includes soybeans, corn, wheat, oats and livestock. Natural resources include lead, iron and limestone mining. Manufacturing includes automotive equipment and parts, food products and chemicals.  


Historical Highlights

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First settled by the French in 1735, the U.S. bought Missouri as part of the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. Home of the famous Pony Express. Also the home of Samual Clemens, better known as the writer Mark Twain.  


Population and Culture

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Interesting Tidbits

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Links to other sites about Missouri

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Missouri State Flag

Missouri State Flag


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