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Whip scorpions are native to tropical and subtropical areas of the world. Although the whip scorpion looks somewhat like a scorpion, it is not a true scorpion. The whip scorpion does not have a stinger. Instead it has a whip-like tail. There are also tailless whip scorpions which are a different family of arachnid. Like other arachnids, the whip spider has eight legs. However, the first pair of legs are adapted as sensory organs. They only use six legs for walking. They also have large, scorpion-like pincers use to catch and hold prey. The whip scorpion will dig an underground burrow or live under logs, rotting wood, rocks, and other natural debris. They hunt at night to feed on insects and millipedes. Play the following videos to learn more about the whip scorpion.

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