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The Brazilian Wandering Spider is native to tropical Central and South America. They are a medium to large spider, measuring up to a 5 inch leg span. It is considered a very aggressive spider, and its venom can be quite lethal. The Guinness World Records 2007 identified the Brazilian Wandering Spider as the most venomous spider in the world. This spider is considered responsible for the most human deaths by spider bite. It will wander into homes and hide in shoes, hats and other clothing. It will then bite the unsuspecting person putting on the clothing. The Brazilian Wandering Spider gets it name because it doesn't build a web or hide in a burrow to catch its prey. This spider wanders the jungle floor at night in search of prey. The Brazilian Wandering Spider is often called a "Banana Spider" because it will occasionally appear in shipments of bananas heading for the United States and other countries. Play the following videos to learn more about the Brazilian Wandering Spider.

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