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The redback spider is native to Australia, and is related to the black widow spider of North American and other parts of the world. The female redback spider is easily recognizable by its black body with a red stripe on its upper abdomen, and "hourglass" shaped red/orange spot on the underside of its abdomen. The male spider is light brown in color and its markings are less distinct than the female. The redback spider builds a irregular or untidy web. They are usually found under rocks, logs, shrubs, bricks, and junk-piles, and in sheds or outdoor toilets. However, they can be found in houses. The redback spider's venom can cause serious pain in humans, and can be even be deadly to infants and the elderly. Redback Spiders rarely leave their webs, so human bites are usually the result of coming too close to their web. Some bites do occur where the spider has crawled into shoes or clothing. Play the following videos to learn more about the redback spider.

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