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The orb weaver is a common spider found in gardens, fields and forests. It is sometimes called a "garden spider." The orb weaver gets its name from the spiral, wheel-shaped construction of its web. Orb weavers will use weeds, fences, trees, walls, or other structures to build their webs. Their webs are quite intricate, and it can be very interesting to watch an orb weaver build a web. Their webs tend to look very organized compared to many other spiders. Once complete, you will often see the orb weaver sitting in the center of its large web. Many orb weavers will eat their web and build a new one every day. This keeps the web clean and strong. Orb weavers are considered beneficial to humans because they eat flies, mosquitoes, ants, and other insects considered pests. Play the following videos to learn more about the orb weaver spider.

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