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The nursery web spiders are found in many parts of the world. Their habitat includes woodlands or grassland areas with tall grass. The nursery web spider is yellowish-brown in color with a light to dark brown band down the middle of its back, and a slender and tapering abdomen. It looks somewhat like a wolf spider, except with a different arrangement of its eyes. The name nursery web spider comes from the way the female takes care of its eggs. Nursery web spiders don't build their web to catch prey. They chase down their prey. The nursery web spider builds its web as a nest or nursery for its eggs. The female spider carries her egg sac in her mouthparts until the spiderlings are almost ready to hatch. The mother spider will then build a web or nursery around her egg sac. As they hatch, she will stand guard over the spiderlings until they are old enough to leave the nest. Play the following videos to learn more about the nursery web spider.

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