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There are over 6,400 species of harvestmen throughout the world. Most species live in tropical areas such as Southeast Asia and South America. They prefer a humid habitat such as in forests, caves, under rocks and in vegetation. Although the harvestmen looks like a spider, and is an arachnid related to the spider, it is not a spider. The difference between a harvestmen and a spider is that the harvestmen's two body parts, the abdomen and cephalothorax, are joined together appearing as one body part. Harvestmen have very long, slender legs compared to their body size. They are often called a daddy long legs, but there are two other species of spider also called daddy long legs. The harvestmen spider has been around for a long time, with fossils dating to over 400 million years old. Play the following videos to learn more about the harvestmen spider.

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