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Mars is the fourth closest planet to the Sun. It is larger than Mercury, but only half the size of Earth.

Mars if often called the "Red Planet" because it appears red when looking at it through a telescope.

Mars has a thin atmosphere, with water, wind and clouds. Being further from the Sun than Earth, water on Mars is in the form of ice. There is not much air on Mars. The air itself is mostly carbon dioxide (CO2), not nitrogen and oxygen like Earth.

Some parts of the Mars surface is cratered like the Moon. Other parts of the surface are more like Earth, with volcanic mountains and large canyons.

The rocks on the surface look like volcanic lava rock found on Earth. Martian soil is red from oxidized iron, much like rust.

For years, people believed that their may be life on Mars. This is because the Mars atmosphere is similar to Earth. So far, the unmanned space missions to Mars have not detected any signs of life.


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