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Mollusks were among the first inhabitants of the Earth. Fossils of mollusks have been found in rocks and date back over 500 million years. There fossils are usually well preserved because of the mollusks hard shell.

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Jelly Fish

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Other creatures of the sea include the jelly fish.

Jellyfish are creatures that have no bones. They are creatures that just float in the ocean. The have long, stringy tentacles, which help them get their food. Some jellyfish have stinging tentacles.

Other animals that have tentacles are the octopus and the squid.

The octopus has a large round head, and eight long tentacles. The octopus uses its suckers on each of his tentacles, to help it grab its food. It eats crustaceans, fish, and mollusks. The octopus can change its color when it feels like its in danger. Also, when it feels threatened, it can shoot a cloud of ink. This ink cloud makes it hard for other fish to see. This gives the octopus time to get away.

Squid are like the octopus, but have a long narrow head and have ten tentacles.


Sea Horse

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And the sea horse.



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