Life in the Sea - Fishes

There are lots of different kinds of fish living in the sea. Some are very, very small. Others grow to be very large.

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The are lots of types of fish that live in the sea.

Different types of fish live in different parts of the ocean. Some live close to coral reefs. Some live near the surface. Some even live in the deep waters close to the bottom of the ocean. Fish eat a variety of things, from plants, plankton (small living organisms), to even other fish.




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Sharks are once of the better known predators in the sea.

There are close to 250 species of sharks in the ocean. Most sharks have sharp teeth that are used to catch their food. The most dangerous shark is the great white shark, which can grow to over 20 feet long.


Sea Ray

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Sea rays fly through the water like birds through air.

There are many types of rays in the ocean. The biggest ray is the manta ray, which can grow to over 25 feet from tip to tip, and can weigh 3,000 pounds.


Fish Schools

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Most fish travel in schools for safety.

When fish travel in schools, the movement of all the fishes may confuse a predator. Plus, there are more eyes to look out for danger.


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