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Muscles are made of many individual muscle fibers. Muscle fibers are long, cylindrical cells giving skeletal muscles their striped or striated appearance. They are the primary component responsible for muscle contraction. There are two basic types of muscle fibers. Slow-twitch fibers, also called ST or Type I fibers, have a slow contraction time, but a high resistance to fatigue. Slow-twitch muscles are used for aerobic muscle activities requiring a low-level, sustained force, such as sitting or walking. Fast-twitch fibers, also called FT or Type II fibers, have a quick contraction time, but are quick to fatigue. Fast-twitch muscles are used for short anaerobic activities requiring a high-force, such as sprinting or jumping. Interested in learning more about muscle fiber? Check out the following muscle fiber videos. For additional information, also see our muscle fiber reference materials.

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