Foot Muscles

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There are 20 muscles in the foot. They hold together the 26 foot bones providing form and structure to the foot. They are also responsible for movement of the foot. Read on to learn more about the foot muscles, and their role in standing and walking.

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Foot Muscles

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Foot Muscles
Foot Muscles

The main muscles responsible for foot movement are the anterior tibial, posterior tibial, peroneal tibial, extensors, and flexors. The anterior tibial allows the foot to flex upward. The posterior tibial supports the arch of the foot. The peroneal tibial controls the outward movement of the foot. The extensor muscles allow the toes and feet to extend upward. The flexor muscles allow your toes and feet to flex downward.

There are also many smaller abductor and flexor muscles on the metatarsal bones that help to curl and move the toes.


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