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Electricity provides much of the energy we use to power household items such as televisions and lamps. It is also used to power toys, games and many other things we use every day.

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What is Electricity?

Electricity is considered a secondary source of energy. We generally don't just find electricity laying around the house. Electricity must first be generated from other primary sources of energy such as coal, natural gas, oil, nuclear power, solar, wind and other natural sources. Click here to learn more about sources of energy.

Electricity is the result of the electrical charge in atoms. Atoms consist particles including protons, neutrons and electrons. Protons have a positive charge and electrons have a negative charge. The attraction and interaction between these particles creates electricity that can be used to power electrical devices.

How do we get electricity to our home?

Electricity is carried or distributed along wires. Wires first bring electricity to your home. Wires in your house carry the electricity to your lights, television, stereo, games and appliances.

Energy and the Environment

Energy is not free. In addition to the dollar cost of using energy there are many other costs. Energy production and distribution can have many negative impacts on our environment. It can create pollution and environmental warming. It can kill animals by destroying their habitat. We all need to do our part in energy conservation to protect our planet and the animals that live on it. You may also want to see our video collection on environmental changes and pollution.

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