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The seals are marine mammals. The seal family includes the seal, sea lion and the walrus.

A seal's respiratory system is adapted for water. A seal can go for 40 minutes without a breath. This allows them to dive to a depth of over 2,000 feet.

Seals are well designed to swim in water. Their bodies are very streamlined and their flippers propel them quickly through the water.


Seals also spend considerable time lying around on rocky islands and beaches. But they are clumsy and move slowly on land using their flippers.

Baby seals are born on land after a long, 12 month gestation period. The pups develop rapidly, with some able to swim within a few hours of birth.

Walruses differ from seals in that they are larger and have large tusks. They can be over 10 feet long and over 3,000 pounds.

seal on rock

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