Some Animals Live in Water

About two-thirds of the Earth is covered with water. This is home for many of the Earth's creatures.

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A wide variety of fish live in the sea. Many types of fish live in fresh water like rivers and lakes. Other types of fish live in the salt water of the ocean and seas.

The water is not only the fishes' home, but it also provides them with the food and oxygen they need to live.


Crabs and Lobsters

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Crabs and lobsters live mostly in the ocean or other waters.



Sea Ray

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Sea rays fly through the water like birds through air.


Whales and Dolphins

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Although whales and dolphins live in water, they are mammals. They cannot breathe under water. They must come to the surface to breathe air. They breathe through a blowhole, or nostrils, on the top of their head. Babies are born under water and must be pushed to the surface, by the mother, so that they can take a breath.

The circulatory and respiratory systems have adapted to living in water. Whales and dolphins can dive deep in the water on a single breath.


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