String Instruments

So what is a string instrument? You will probably recognize a few.

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String Instruments

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All string instruments have one thing in common, their sound is made by a vibrating string. Strings can be made of metal, synthetic or natural materials. The strings can have different gauge or thickness, weight, length and tension.

The thicker and heavier the string, the slower it vibrates, and the deeper or lower its pitch. The faster a string vibrates the higher its pitch. Shorter strings vibrate faster than longer strings. In some instruments, such as the piano, the strings are made in different lengths. Other instruments like the guitar and violin, the musician presses on the string with his finger to shorten it.

There are 3 basic types of string instruments, based on how you get the string to vibrate. Strings can be plucked, like on the guitar.

The violin is a string instrument that uses a bow to make the strings vibrate. Other string instruments that used a bow are the viola, cello and double bass.
A piano may not look like a string instrument from the outside. The musician actually presses keys.

But take a look at it from the inside. The keys of a piano activate hammers, which strike the strings, to make a sound.


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