Percussion Instruments

Do you like the native beat of a drum? Then you like percussion instruments.

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Percussion Instruments

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Percussion instruments are played by being hit or shaken. Although most people probably think of the drum, there are lots of different percussion instruments.

Common percussion instruments are the drum, cymbal, xylophone, marimba, triangle, bells, tambourine and wood block. Percussion instruments can be hit with sticks like the drum, or the hand like the bongo drum, or against themselves like cymbals.

A percussion instrument's sound is made by it vibrating, once hit or shaken. Different types of materials, such as metal, wood or vibrating membrane like on the drum, make different types of sounds. A different thickness or size of material can also make different sounds.

Materials like membranes on drums, or wood, vibrate slowly and so make a lower pitched sound.

Metal cymbals, triangles and bells can vibrate much faster. They make higher pitched sounds.


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