Telling Time

You read a clock to tell time. To read a clock, you must learn how to tell hours and minutes. Some clocks also allow you to read seconds.

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The Short hand on a clock or watch is the Hour hand.

                   Telling Time 4:00
The Long hand on a clock or watch is the Minute hand .
There are 60 minutes in one hour.

* The short hand on a clock tells the hour. Always use the last number that the hour hand has passed.
* The long hand tells the minutes. Always count by 5s when reading the long hand.
               Minute clock

Example: In this clock the hour hand is on 7, and the minute hand is on 12. The time is Seven o'clock.

                         Telling Time 7:00
                                  7 o'clock
                                Seven o'clock

In this clock the hour hand is on 8, and the minute hand is on 6. The time is Eight- thirty .
                        Telling Time 8:30
                                     8 : 30
                                 Eight thirty
                                Half past eight

Analog and Digital clock

An analog clock is one that tells time through the use of a fixed numbered dial or dials with moving hand or hands. It usually has a circular scale of 12 hours, which also serves as a scale of 60 minutes, and also as a scale of 60 seconds.
                              Analog clock

A digital clock typically displays a numerical hour range of 0-23, or 1-12 (with an indication of AM or PM) using an LCD or LED display.
            Digital clock

In digital clock colon separates hours and minutes. The number left to colon represents hours and the number right to colon represents minutes.

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