Multi Digit Subtraction

Multi digit subtraction is similar to single digit subtraction, but you may need to borrow from a higher value digit, if necessary.

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Example: Subtract 47 from 83.

1. Arrange the given numbers one above the other in columns of ones and tens.

Multi digit subtraction

2. Subtract the ones.

3 ones - 7 ones =?

Can we subtract a greater number from a smaller number? No. So, what is to be done now?

Borrow 1 from the digit in the tens place, 8.
i.e., regroup 1 ten as 10 ones.

Multi digit subtraction

Now, subtract the ones.
13 ones - 7 ones = 6 ones.

Multi digit subtraction

3. Subtract the tens.

7 tens - 4 tens = 3 tens.

Multi digit subtraction

83 - 47 = 36

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