Quotient with a Remainder

Division involves calculating the quotient and remainder. To see how to calculate a quotient, see the "Division - Quotient." The following example shows division resulting in both a quotient and remainder.

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The number that remains after dividing a number is called as Remainder. The remainder must be less than the divisor.
Arrange 19 counters into 4 sets . Keep the remaining counters aside.

Quotient with a remainder

There are four counters in each set.
3 counters are remaining.

Division Sentence:

Quotient with a remainder

Arrange 13 horses in 4 equal sets:

Quotient with a remainder

What is 33 divided by 7 ?

● 33 is not multiple of 7.
● The closest multiple we can get is 7 x 4 = 28.
● So we write 4 in the one's place as the quotient.
● Then we put 28 below 33( or the dividend), and subtract it.
        33 - 28 = 5
        we are left with 5.
● The remainder is 5.
● So we write the Remainder 5 next to the Quotient 4, like

Quotient with a remainder

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