Making Predictions

Predicting is guessing the result of a future event based on past and current information and events, or other data.

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When a coin is tossed possible out comes are Head and Tail.

    No of possible outcomes of a coin toss = 2

    Chance of getting Head = 1 out of 2 possibilities = 1/2

    Chance of getting Tail = 1 out of 2 possibilities =1/2

Similarly when a Dice is rolled, the chance of rolling 5 = 1/6 (1 out of 6 possibilities).


Which of these 2 possibilities is most likely to happen: getting a Head in a coin toss or Rolling 5?

   Chance of getting Head = 1/2

   Chance of rolling 5 = 1/6

Compare 1/2 with 1/6

1/2 > 1/6

Therefore, the probability of getting Head is higher than Rolling a 5.

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