Point of the Game

In this game, you must help that ingenious time traveller, Doctor Who , avoid ever-growing swarms of your arch-enemies, the Daleks . You are armed only with your trusty Sonic Screwdriver, an ability to teleport to random destinations, and your unrivaled intellect.

Luckily, what the Daleks have in numbers, they lack in intelligence. In their reckless pursuit, they can crash into one another, leaving piles of rubble . Any Daleks trying to move through rubble will also be destroyed.

The Keyboard

The game is entirely keyboard controlled. All available commands are listed below.

  • Movement
    Move the Doctor by using the numeric keypad. Pressing "5" will pass for the turn. Diagonal movement is allowed.

  • Teleport
    You can teleport by hitting "T". Note that you have no control over your destination. Use this ability wisely or you may find yourself ignominiously crushed under the wheels of the pursuing Daleks.

  • Sonic Screwdriver
    Hit "S" to use one of your sonic screwdrivers. These handy little devices only work once, but will destroy any Daleks adjacent to you. The number of remaining screwdrivers is displayed at the bottom of the screen. Additional screwdrivers are awarded upon completion of every level.

  • Last Stand
    When all else fails, pressing "L" will make a final stand, allowing the Daleks to keep moving until either the Doctor or all the Daleks have been killed.


As you progress to higher levels, the Daleks destroyed are worth increasing numbers of points. No score is given for Daleks destroyed with the sonic screwdriver.

The scoring rules have changed from previous versions, so that heavy use of the sonic screwdriver could result in lower scores, even at higher levels. Fewer points are awarded for each Dalek destroyed.


As you start reaching higher levels, you may notice some unexpected changes (even stranger if you have never seen the TV show). Do not be alarmed. This is not a bug - it's a feature..

The game design is heavily indebted to the author(s) of the Macintosh shareware game written about 10 years ago. I still find myself playing it during lulls on the Internet.

If you liked this version of Daleks, send me e-mail. I am very open to making enhancements. In fact, I have a few in mind myself (Cybermen?)

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