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Action Games

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Bat for the Colorado Rockies (requires Shockwave plugin).
Swim with the Sharks.


Board Games

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Play checkers with a computer.
Board game similar to Chinese Checkers.
A puzzle game.
Orthello game.
Peg game.


Brain Teasers

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Find objects in a picture.
Flip over squares until they are all the same color.
Riddles, story problems, math problems and logic problems.
Work your way through a maze.
Test your memory by matching pictures.



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The Crayola Crayons Home Page.
Create your own painting with dots.
Lots of pictures to color.



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Ask Dr. Universe at Washington State University science questions.
Test your knowledge of fairytales.
Trivia on United States trivia.


Word Games

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Test your vocabulary on these real and fake definitions.
Move words around to create your own poetry.
Create tales with wacky words and sentences.


Miscellaneous Game Sites

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Clip art, games, stories and activities for younger kids.
Lots of board games.
Lots of games arranged by age and grade level.
Lots of games including Shockwave games.
Board games, action games and word games.
Lots of games, activities and crafts.

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