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Here are the best-selling computer and video games for children at

  1. Final Fantasy VII (PC)
    by Eidos Interactive

  2. Links LS 99 (PC)
    by Access Software

  3. Links LS 99 Upgrade (PC)
    by Access Software

  4. Starcraft (PC)
    by Cendant

  5. Flight Simulator (PC)
    by Microsoft Corporation

  6. Grim Fandango (PC)
    by Lucas Arts

  7. F1 Racing Simulation (PC)
    by Ubi Soft Entertainment

  8. Grand Theft Auto (PC)
    by Take 2 Interactive

  9. Might and Magic VI (PC)
    by 3DO

  10. Tomb Raider II
    by Eidos Interactive

  11. Riven : The Sequel to Myst
    by Red Orb

  12. Starship Titanic C/W95/Us
    by Douglas Adams

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