Putting Things in Order

Being able to put things in order can make learning easier. If you are trying to learn something hard, and you want to give up, try putting what you are learning into some kind of order. When things are in an order, they can be easier to think about and remember.

Trying to remember the letters R, T, P, A and Y may be hard because they don't mean much to you. If you put them into an order that spells PARTY, the five letters are easier to remember because you just need to remember that they mean --a birthday party!

Now lets practice putting things in order alphabetic order and number counting order.

Directions: Type the following letters in ABC order into the box below.


Directions: Put the following NUMBERS in 1, 2, 3 order into the box below. Use commas to separate the numbers.


Now try some examples from each of the subjects

Math Example
Science Example
Social Studies Example
Language Arts Example


Links to workbook pages that use ordering


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