Grouping Things - Mathematics Examples

Math - Grouping - in adding up the value of coins the easiest way to add them up is to group all the dimes, all the pennies, all the nickels, and quarters together. Then add all the groups by themselves. All the quarters you have. All the dimes all the nickels you have. All the pennies you have. All the half dollars you have. Then add all those totals to find how much money you have in all the coins together.

Using Grouping to Count Pennies

Use this table to count the pennies in groups of two (2) by reading down the table. Then read across the table in groups of five (5). In the first case, you are counting in groups of 2. In the second case, you are counting in groups of five. Organizing your money in groups makes it easier to count because as you get more groups you can just add another group. Counting lots of groups of pennies can be as easy as counting by fives.

How many pennies (count by 5)?




How many pennies (count by 2)?


How may pennies do we have if you add another group of 5 pennies to the pennies above?

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