Grade 8 Think and Learn

Mastering "Analogies and Metaphorical Thinking"

The Skill [Week 1-3]

Analogy Thinking is also known as metaphorical thinking or poetic thinking.

Essential Definition

Analogy thinking is defined as a mode of thought that compares new material with very familiar material.

Examples of How Used

We have been working up to this lesson in the following set of linked concepts [links to example units in K-7]. And in life people use [see links to use in other school topics below].

Contextual example of its use.

You can review the entire set of lessons and units we have used as the building blocks of this thinking skill at any time while working through the activities on this skill [links to appropriate units in K-7].

How Useful and Why its Worth Learning

Analogy thinking targets understanding new material by relating it to knowledge you as the learner already have stored in your brain.


Rules of Use

Procedures - Major steps in using this skill

Step One

Step Two

Step Three

Step Four

Guided Walkthrough

Try Skill Yourself [Week 4]

Several activities. Combinations of thinking strategies.


What You Have Done. What went on in your head as you engaged in the skill. Reflect on ways in which the skill is used and when it is appropriate. How do you know when to stop and start. Identify the key steps or rules used and sequence of each. State the relationship of this skill to other skills. Rewrite the skill definition. State where the skill can be used:

Mnemonic, Saying, or Acronym for Recall


Phase 2 - Quiz [Week 5]

Phase 3 - Review Lessons for transfer and elaboration [Week 7-9]

Redefinition of metaphorical thinking

Transfer to Other Subjects

Reference Links


Workbook Links


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