Grade 8 Think and Learn

Mastering the "Think-and-Learn Tool"

The Skill

The Think-and-Learn Tool

Essential Definition

The Think-and-Learn tool is a composite of a subset of all the other modes of thinking we have discussed. It is a tool geared toward managing information overload and achieving rich comprehension in learning a topic. It is aimed at finding the essential elements of what needs to be known about a topic depending on the student's learning goals. It can be used quickly if the goal is to familiarize yourself with a subject and can be used as a framework for in depth study if the goal is to be proficient or expertise.

Examples of How Used in Kidport

You can review the entire set of lessons and units we have used as the building blocks of this thinking skill at any time while working through the activities on this skill [links to appropriate units in K-7].

Why Systems Thinking is Worth Learning

Systems thinking targets complex problems that are not easily dealt with by other forms of thinking. Systems thinking helps you to see the big picture.

Rules of Use When to use?

Use this kind of thinking when your problem or learning challenge contains many parts and many implied or explicit interrelationships.

How to Start? Define what the actual topic or problem is that you are trying to discover something about, solve a problem or make a decision about.

What to do next ? Break your topic into several pieces known as subsystems.

How do you know when to stop? Depending on your learning goal and the time you have to spend we will give you goals in the all the steps we will have doing in using systems thinking.

Procedures - Major steps in using this skill

Step One

Step Two

Step Three

Step Four

Guided Walkthrough

Try Skill Yourself [Week 4]

Several activities. Combinations of thinking strategies.


What You Have Done. What went on in your head as you engaged in the skill. Reflect on ways in which the skill is used and when it is appropriate. How do you know when to stop and start. Identify the key steps or rules used and sequence of each. State the relationship of this skill to other skills. Rewrite the skill definition. State where the skill can be used:

Mnemonic, Saying, or Acronym for Recall


Phase 2 - Quiz [Week 5]

Phase 3 - Review Lessons for transfer and elaboration [Week 7-9]

Redefinition of the "Think-and-Learn Tool"

Transfer to Other Subjects

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