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The State Capital of Kansas is ...
Kansas City
Overland Park
The population of Kansas is ...
Bordering states are?
Mississippi, Arkansas, and Alabama
Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona
Idaho, Nebraska, Montana, and Wyoming
Missouri, Colorado, Nebraska, and Oklahoma
The state name originated from?
The French word for "gold"
The Native American tribe that lived there
The Spanish word for "gold"
The Russian word for "wheat"
This state entered the union as the __ state?
A geographic landmark of Kansas is?
The Badlands
The Tallgrass Prairie Preserve
The Gateway Arch
Bryce Canyon National Park
A significant historic event was?
The "Bleeding Kansas" conflict of 1855
The Russians invade Kansas is 1849
George Washington moves to Kansas in 1788
The French purchase Kansas in 1492
The state nickname is?
The "Wizard of Oz" State
The Sunshine State
The Sunflower State
The "Tall Grass" State
The state entered the union on which date?
October 29, 1842
January 29, 1861
June 19, 1875
September 12, 1897
Which of the following statements is true?
The Kansas state bird is the Sparrow
Kansas produces the most pineapple in the U.S.
Russians bring Turkey Red Winter Wheat in 1874
Dorothy swept away by tornado in 1782
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