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The State Capital of Delaware is ...
New Castle
The population of Delaware is ...
1.2 million
Bordering states are?
New York, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania
New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland
New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Maryland
New Jersey and Pennsylvania
The state name originated from?
Named after the town of Delaware in England
Named after the first British explorer of Delaware
Named after Lord Delaware, a Virginia governor
Native American word for "sandy beaches"
This state entered the union as the __ state?
A geographic landmark of Delaware is?
Longest coastline along the Atlantic Ocean
The original Du Pont factory and home
Location of Pilgrim Rock
Delaware is the eastern most state
A significant historic event was?
First state to sign the Declaration of Independence
First British colonists were killed by the natives
First European colonists were from Sweden
Location of the First Continental Congress meeting
The state nickname is?
The Constitution State
The Independence State
The First State
The Freedom State
The state entered the union on which date?
December 7, 1776
December 7, 1787
July 27, 1787
August 29, 1789
Which of the following statements is true?
State flower is the American Holly
State bird is the Blue Heron
First European settlers were British
Delaware was once part of Pennsylvania
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